Jun 1 2009


Someone is in Logan and I miss him.

Apr 25 2009

the mommie is mightier

Conversation with Gentry while eating lunch (at 2). I am not functioning well right now.

G: I want to keep my nails long so that I can cut people and stuff.

M: I am going to trim your nails tonight.

G: I need them long to cut people. I will run away.

M: I will knock you down.

G: I will get up and run around.

M: I am going to knock you down and tackle you to the floor and make Dad cut them.

G: I am going to knock you down and cut your nails. And then I am going to knock Dad down and cut his nails and then I am going to run away. You cannot cut my nails.

M: Tonight. Your getting your nails cut and a hair cut kid.

Mar 12 2009


On Saturday my sister, Kateka, invited us to go ice skating with her company.

JJ and I spent most of the time hunched over Gentry trying to keep him standing and from smacking his head on the ice. Gentry loved it even though he could not really do it at all. JJ hunched over him and to keep Gentry’s feet on the ground. JJ’s back hurt the next day. I say, that is what you get when you get close to working out.

I just picked him up and moved slowly around the rink and tickled his tummy if I could get to it.

Gentry really likes Stuart, Kateka’s husband. He kept wanting to go and talk to him and play. Other people are so much more fun that JJ and I. Probably because we threaten to take away all his toys and make him have time outs.

On the potty training front. We have been taking turns waking up and taking Gentry to the bathroom. He usually only has one small accident a night. Which seems like a lot. But we are going from filling up diapers to just tiny accidents. We still have not had an accident free night, but I think we are getting there.

I hope. I hope. I hope.

Also, my crocus’ are poking their little blossoms out of the icy ground and not even dieing when they get snowed on. I could just kiss them and the warm thoughts of summer they bring.

Mar 9 2009


So. That kid that lives at my house has wet the bed every night since possibly the end of November and it is so frustrating. We have bribed him with all kinds of things.

A cat. A dog. Small treats every morning when he wakes up and is dry. A chart to mark off when he is dry. I really don’t know what else I can do to positively encourage him. And all I can think every morning is how rude and careless he is. So I should get the good mother of the year award. Seriously.

And to top it off. He has started throwing tantrums. He is 4 1/2. I really thought we had just missed that phase. I mean, I have seen other peoples kids kicking and screaming on the floor and thought we had dodged that bullet. Apparently not. He is just bigger and kicks harder than most 2 year olds, which makes it all the better.

So I want to be a kind and patient mother. But I know that other kids his age don’t do these things and it is so frustrating.

The worst is that he can dress and undress himself (I guess that is not so bad). But we have been putting him in night time cloth diapers hoping that would help him change his mind and instead of putting them in the dirty clothes, he just left the diaper on his floor this morning. So now we have a giant spot of wet musty pee smell emanating from his room.

I love him. I really do. Sometimes it is just easier when he is asleep.

How do I take care of these problems? Yikes! Help!

Mar 1 2009

Completed Recently

Honey Pot

1- Went to Disneyland and played with family.

2- Done two colon cleanses, 3 enemas, had a colonoscopy, other horrid exams and gotten a diagnosis on the broken pooper. Spent two complete days on liquid diets. Spent two days following loosing my lunch while sitting on the toilet. Damn vaginal child birth!

3- Got the blog up and functioning in very controlled secrecy.

4- Cleaned the bathrooms and vacummed my room.

5- Removed most of the piles of papers from my room.

6- Found the equivilant of stretchy pants in dress form. Hooray for hiding it all at church. They do look like moomoos, and I just don’t care.

7- Started working out again.

8- Went to parent teacher conference for Gentry.

9- Bought 3 cases of beans. 2 Great Northern Beans and 1 Garbonzo. Yum. Hummus.

10- Went to the Draper Temple Open House. Gentry was allergic to the cookies so we all did not partake. The Temple is decorated very nicely in a nice Art Deco theme with very muted and lovely colors. I would totally decorate with some of the same furniture, minus the extravagant chandeliers. But if I was to get married again, I would do it there. It is very lovely.

11- Gentry told us as we walked past the baptismal font that it was filled with poison.

12- Went and had Gelato to replace the cookies we could not have. Peach, Pina Colado, and Blood Orange.

13- Found some oranges that are worth eating. The citrus around Christmas was just not that good, but these oranges are downstairs singing like the flowers in Alice in Wonderland. They want eaten.

14- Can’t end on 13, bad luck. Was told by the Poop Doctor to have all the kids that I am going to so that I can get my problem fixed. Am considering becoming like Brad and Angelina. Not. But seriously. I need to get pregnant, and now I have a pretty compelling reason to do it.

Jan 19 2009

Sharing is Caring

The other day, I took Gentry to Wendy’s for lunch. I did not get any food because he was getting a kids meal and he doesn’t eat a whole lot. I just waited for him to finished and sucked diet coke like it was my nectar of life. Gentry finished his tiny frosty except for one bite. I asked him if I could have the last bite and as quickly as he could he dumped it on the table and then head butted me.

The message I got was, “I will not be sharing my food with you, you evil troll. And because you have spoken to a higher being you must be punished.” So I stood up, kicked him between the pockets, and than left him there. In my mind. I wish that is what had happened, instead I laid on the mommy guilt.

A few days later he had a cookie and I asked for a bite of it. Hmm. I am spotting a trend here. When he said, “No.” I reminded him of the other day when he had not shared his frosty with me and how mean he had been. Wah ha ha. He gave in and gave me a bite. Isn’t he the best sharer you have heard of?

Jan 8 2009

playing with cars

I miss him.

Dec 17 2008

baby jesus + dinosaur

Does this happen to Baby Jesus at your house?

Dec 15 2008

These are for boobs.

Christmas Shopping
Gentry went Christmas shopping for me with JJ on Saturday. I guess JJ was looking at the pajamas and Gentry brought this over to him and said, “These are for boobs. This is cute.”

Have I mentioned Gentry’s current obsession with boobs. I have them and he doesn’t. Same with JJ, I guess. We have been talking a lot about privacy and how he doesn’t see me when I am naked. But he and I got all cuddly on the couch the other day to read Christmas stories and he announced, “My head is on your boob!” Well, lets change positions than.

I guess this is just the beginning. Boys are so not like girls.

Nov 30 2008


my boys

Look how cute my boys are.

We are home. We only fought once and only on the way home and it was because JJ doesn’t read my mind (the nerve).

I will write more as I took lots and lots of photos. I need to fill your little eyes with the perfect perfection that is my life and not yours. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. (stop evil laugh here).

That last part was for my sister Kateka, that is really the name we call her although not her real name. She and I don’t like reading blogs about perfect people and the same crap over and over.

Also, do you stay up at night worrying about your money or lack there of. My inner worrying alarm wakes me up pretty regularly at 3am to worry. We are fine. Seriously. But still I must worry. And it really disrupts with my hot, hot dreams about Daniel Craig. Or Hugh Jackman. Sometimes both. I wish.