Jul 8 2009


stinky feet

stinky feet

Isn’t that the cutest little twisted foot?

We went to Logan to be with JJ’s family for the 4th. It was really fun to see everyone. I did a lot of nothing and it was nice.

On the 4th we went the Hyrum City Parade in the morning and than the Cruise In in Logan in the evening. The Cruise In is where old cars parade up and down the main street. It is really fun, JJ’s grandpa and dad show us the cars they used to own.

Cousin Lily

Cousin Lily

This is Gentry’s cousin Lily. They look related to each other. Me and Gentry, not so much.

animal imitations

animal imitations

Gentry got bored so we did relays of different things. Crawl like a crocodile. Roll like a tumble weed. Hop like a bunny.

cute boy

cute boy

nothing productive done here

nothing productive done here

This is all I did. And sleep. I loved it. Click here to see the rest of the photos.

Mar 9 2009


So. That kid that lives at my house has wet the bed every night since possibly the end of November and it is so frustrating. We have bribed him with all kinds of things.

A cat. A dog. Small treats every morning when he wakes up and is dry. A chart to mark off when he is dry. I really don’t know what else I can do to positively encourage him. And all I can think every morning is how rude and careless he is. So I should get the good mother of the year award. Seriously.

And to top it off. He has started throwing tantrums. He is 4 1/2. I really thought we had just missed that phase. I mean, I have seen other peoples kids kicking and screaming on the floor and thought we had dodged that bullet. Apparently not. He is just bigger and kicks harder than most 2 year olds, which makes it all the better.

So I want to be a kind and patient mother. But I know that other kids his age don’t do these things and it is so frustrating.

The worst is that he can dress and undress himself (I guess that is not so bad). But we have been putting him in night time cloth diapers hoping that would help him change his mind and instead of putting them in the dirty clothes, he just left the diaper on his floor this morning. So now we have a giant spot of wet musty pee smell emanating from his room.

I love him. I really do. Sometimes it is just easier when he is asleep.

How do I take care of these problems? Yikes! Help!

Sep 3 2008

a gift

Waiting with a prayer in my heart, and constantly fighting back tears, for the arrival of a new little girl to join our ranks.

I wish I was there, and am sending my positive thoughts to you and your new addition.

Jun 16 2008

new york bridge

Can I tell you how magical my trip was?

I didn’t get to do everything I wanted, but my goodness. I did so much that I love and have a warm little spot in my heart for. There was so much that made me tear up and instantly fall in love with New York.

There were two little girls on the subway one night who were playing “I spy.” They spied letters and reminded me of my little boy who loves the letter “H” which they spied at one point. I wanted to sit down with them and kiss them and tell them how darling they were.

I met up with my friend, Luke, who I have not seen in about 8 years. Yes, that Luke, the one I worked with at JCPenney at my first job right after my freshman year of college.

I saw the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The statue was a present from the French, did you know? The base cost $100,000 dollars at the time and Mr. Pulitzer from the newpaper wrote and article to get people to donate money for the base. He put everyone who donated name in the paper. School children sent in 5 and 10 cents.

Really, though, the thing that made the trip was seeing Mary Poppins on Broadway. It was pure magic and transformed me to a kid again. I get chills listening to it now.

Anything can happen if you let it…

Jun 2 2008


jj’s brother Alex and his wife Miceala had a new baby on Friday. Will Robinson. He is my first and favorite nephew.

Will is on the left. Gentry on the right. They look so similar. Cute little cousins.

Jan 16 2008

did the best with what was given
not enough

for some

hope for more
it will not come

readjustment needed

Jan 6 2008

viva las vegas

working hard + hardly working
I am in Las Vegas this week.

I am excited to get some good food and going out to play at night. It is going to be hard work during the day, but thank goodness for a break from real life. Breaks are nice.

Dec 3 2007

mary mine

mary mine
My Grandma Katherine gave me this doll when I was a baby. She also gave one to my cousin Cassie and they look like us; mine with dark hair, hers with blond. In our infinite toddler wisdom we named them, mine is Mary Mine and Cassie’s is Ann Santa.

They are Madam Alexander dolls and I am sure in their prime they were beautiful. Mine used to cry when I tipped her on her tummy those days are long gone. Her fingernails are now etched with blue marker or pen from some random time when I tried to gussy her up. Her legs are coming unstitched and her hair is in a constant state of rats nest. She is mine and always has been. She is my fancy doll and has quite the wardrobe to prove it, with overalls with hand stitching and lots of little dresses from many Christmas’ of my childhood. She is an heirloom to me and reminds me of my family and childhood.

Mary is posing here with a doll quilt I made for my niece Lilly for Christmas. I am terribly proud of it and so excited to give it away to a cute little girl.

Oct 22 2007

a bridal portrait

Jun 2 2007


Cassie was my best friend all my growing up years. She is my cousin, we are nine months apart. She grew up in West Valley and went to the corresponding high school. Her end of the valley is a lot more diverse than my south side is. I had the cowboys, she had people from every nation under the sun. I remember when she graduated from high school and some of the boys that she was graduating with came out all tan and greased up and did some of that hula dancing. They yelled their intimidating chants and swung things over their head. I was totally hot for greased up high school seniors with some cultural background, I was only a grade older and actually very close in age to them.

Yesterday, Cassie’s brother Joe graduated from the same high school. I have never seen anything like this. Maybe Cassie’s was the same way, I cannot remember. When a girl came out and did a hula dance, her family (I hope it was her family) went nuts. They were in the back of the E Center yelling and screaming and hopping up and down and drumming on garbage cans, the entire time. I was so busy watching the side show I missed the actual performance.

Joe had classmates with so many lei’s on that you could only see the top half of their heads. And they had a cheering section. Some of the cheering sections had matching t-shirts, like they were rooting for the home team. The students names would be read and they would dance down the aisle to their seat encouraging the melee in their behalf.

I am all about supporting those we love, but this bordered on insanity.

Congratulations Joe!