essential life skills {8} learn to swim

I didn’t take swimming lessons until I was in college. Probably 19. Go me.

I took the basic class by myself a couple times and than I took an actual lap swim class with my sister Kateka. We were really excellent swimmers, if you count sitting on the edge and whining about getting cold and wet. Or treading water in the deep end. Yes. I am still as good as Michael Phelps.

I signed Gentry up for swim lessons last year and every time the teacher wanted him to do something, he would stand on the side of the pool and say, “I CANNOT DO THAT!” Everytime. He was petrified. Scared and nervous. Until he realized he really could do that. Towards the end of the summer when I was to fat, pregnant and hot to be happy sitting on the side of the neighborhood pool watching him, I would get in and play with him. His favorite game was for me to push him to the bottom of the pool and he would shoot up like a rocket. Once in a while he would punch me in the stomach and Amelia in the who knows what when he was down there and than shoot up like a rocket. He was just getting her ready for the big brother he is today.

So learn to swim. Even if you are old and have not done it before. There are classes for 3 year olds and classes for you.

Also, look at this guy. Holy cow! I could never do this without dying first.

4 Responses to “essential life skills {8} learn to swim”

  • Kateka Says:

    How did that guy breathe???? I was hyperventalating watching him, just waiting for him to pass out.

  • Aubrey Says:

    No freakin’ way! That is what nightmares are made of right there! That guy is crazy! And how on earth did he hold his breath that long!? Holy cow!

  • cjeppson Says:

    Hey I know a new list for you….do vacation places to go and stay at.

  • anballs Says:

    Tell me your email address again and I will send you the email every week telling where we are going and how far… It really is fun to hike, the kids just love it!

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