Jan 12 2009

Phew. Caught up on email and am now looking at my staggering to do list.

We were in Las Vegas last week and it was fun. We worked the Control4 booth at CES. I have smartened up a bit and did not wear high heals at all and surprise, surprise, my legs did not go numb. Shocker.

Anyway, since my legs were not bloody stumps at the end of the day, I wanted to go out and do things later on.

We went clubbing one night at Pure a club in Caesars Palace, I have not done this since college with Katrina and those clubs were not like this club. And than went to Le Reve at the Wynn the next night. It was really amazing.

Also, have you noticed how Trump Tower, or whatever it is called looks like a giant gilded penis. I am serious. It is the most phallic building on the strip, I wonder if the little man is trying to make up for something.

We are back now and so happy to see Gentry and his cute little tush. I love being a mom and coming home reminds me of it.

Love yer guts,

Jan 8 2009

playing with cars

I miss him.

Nov 17 2008

christmas card
This is pretty.

I designed it. It is a holiday card for a corporate client. I hope they choose this one.

Nov 7 2008

i love…

:: having friends over to discuss a book ::

:: searching for perfect furniture to go in my empty house ::

:: beginning to feel the holidays ::

:: little eyes filled with wonder ::

:: all by himself he has started asking for things for Christmas ::

:: how calm he stayed with the crying baby :: he patted his tummy and drew him near :: he really did so well and was trying to hard ::

:: nearing the end of some projects ::

:: having a clean downstairs and and one bedrooms carpet cleaned ::

:: maybe I can clean up my room someday ::

:: preparing for Gentry’s birthday party :: he is super excited :: and I have never thrown one before ::

Oct 27 2008

Who painted these fields to look like this? Well, Dutch farmers of course. These are tulip farms and it makes we want to visit. What pretty vivid colors.

Oct 27 2008

Garamond Powerline. Oh, my typophile heart beats with glee.

Oct 14 2008

wedding photos

photos from my first paying photo gig. I am pretty proud.

Aug 8 2008

bridge couple
Engagement shots. I worked with Annie as the second camera. It was a privilege.

Aug 6 2008

large posters
Being a customer of Veer has its perks. What kind of girl wants kerning sweaters and fonts for her birthday?

Jun 23 2008

splish splash

I have been working on a photo shoot for Hobbs Fountains. They want pictures of kids splashing in the water with the features of the Herriman Water Park as obvious parts of the photos.

This is so hard for me. I have never really taken photos of people and stuff, unless that stuff includes little bums or superman capes. And being that I am a perfectionist about things, I have to keep going back and trying for more photos. You cannot tell by the state of my house that I am such a perfectionist, but I am I am the type of perfectionist that will not even attempt it if it is not going to be perfect, thus the state of destruction in my home and the repeated repeated repeated photoshoots. I think I am getting close though, maybe even finished.

I can tell Gentry is finished. He was probably finished after the first try. He will not even put on a happy face for the photos any more. I had to bribe him today so that he would stay near me and not run off into the street and try to hitch hike to Disneyland.

I love the challenge of this though. Also, I have had to talk to complete strangers and ask if it is ok to take pictures with their kids in the background. It makes me feel like a real photographer. Which lets face it, who wouldn’t want to make a living taking pictures and making new friends.

The end.