May 4 2010

essential life skills {4} blow out your hair

Um. This is an art. I mean. Wielding a round brush and a blow dryer. Can you handle it?

I LOVE my hair after it has been blown out. The body. The softness. The good smell. Clean hair day is a good day.

So here are some videos illustrating how to do it.

This one is good for longer hair and if you flip it. The stylist really has good technique for an easy style.

This is one is a two part series. You can see the other one in youtube. This girl has a ratting problem and also dumps a gallon of product on her head as she says not to use to much product. But I think before the ratting starts it is a pretty good example of short hair styling. This girl says at one point that she is from Texas. I have heard that the Texas state slogan is, “The bigger the hair, the nearer to God.”

And here is Kandee Johnson hair and makeup feed. I really like her and I follow her instructions when I cut my bangs.

Mar 10 2010

love {27}

Have you tried this baby bum ointment? It works so well and it smells like rosemary (the herb, not my neighbor). It is super thick so it really does protect a babies bum instead of wiping right onto a diaper. We used to use it on Gentry for something that I cannot remember. It doesn’t seem like he had a lot of diaper rash, but I don’t really remember. We had some left over from Gentry’s diaper era and Amelia was getting a little bit of an irritated bum. I put it on her and the irritation is gone.

Also, the royal eye jelly. It has a lovely faint smell, which is not really why I buy eye cream or creme rather. I used to buy the Clinique version, but didn’t love it. I am on my second round of this and put it on my eyes EVERYDAY. I really like it and I think it has helped combat wrinkles. I tell myself this anyway, I hope it really is working.

I wash my face with this Garden Tomato Soap, after washing off my makeup with Dr. Bonners Baby Mild soap. I do the same process as needed by the Clinque steps except I wash my make-up off first. I really like this soap and the way my complexion looks when I am using it.

The Replenishing Lipbalm smells so lovely. I keep it in my car, which is were I keep all my favorite lip treatments for easy application before heading off for my weekly romantic lunch date with JJ at Costco. It also works really well to keep my kisser ready for smooching soft baby heads and darting about little boy heads and rough guy whiskers.

And finally the Lifegaurd’s Choice. You cannot use this in public unless you are a ski teacher or swim instructor because it paints yours lips white. But on those days where my lips are weather burned, dried or just generally beaten up, I will use it at night after I put in my retainer. It is an amazingly sexy look. JJ thinks so anyway. Just ask him.

Who knew I was such a hippy? Not I until I typed this all up and realized I buy this stuff all the time.

These are the Burt’s Bees products I really love.

Feb 21 2010

love {21}

I love music. All kinds. I love to play duets on the piano with my mom. I love singing with choirs and my family. I wish JJ would sing with me. (Update: JJ says he sings with me all the time.) I love dancing in the kitchen while we get dinner ready. Music and I, we get along.

Jan 27 2010

today I am thankful for…

:: sweet hard working jj ::

:: kids who always love their moms ::

:: sweet baby smiles ::

:: gentry loving things Grandpa Bill made for me ::

:: caring and patient doctors ::

:: sweet visiting teachers ::

:: $4 prescriptions from Target ::

:: clearance clothes from Target ::

:: Target ::

:: oh shoot :: I have a bit of an addiction ::

:: apple cider ::

:: 30 Rock ::

:: trying to find a new happy thought :: what should it be :: disneyland :: spring :: gardens :: a new piano :: all of the above ::

:: netflix instant play ::

Nov 8 2009

Someone new

Someone arrived early. I love her a lot.

Sep 18 2009

i love…

:: donuts from beyond glaze :: peanut butter chocolate is divine ::

:: drawing portraits with Gentry ::

:: this is me with long hair, not antenna ::

:: g with a mohawk and starbelly sneach belly ::

:: cleaner house :: shiny sinks ::

:: glee :: fringe :: bones :: biggest loser ::

:: boneless buffalo wings from Applebee’s :: carside to go is a good friend ::

:: bras that fit ::

:: ice :: i am low on iron ::

:: Halloween inspiration ::

Aug 30 2009

i love…

:: Gentry learning cute new things at school ::

:: feeling good again ::

:: eating food from the garden and from others gardens ::

:: finding away to protect my tummy from more stretch marks :: hope it works ::

:: roar of a snore :: max’s words ::

:: jj’s new haircut ::

Aug 22 2009

i love…

:: trips away with the cute boy and my cute mommie to visit Aunt DeeDee ::

:: lots of tea sampling ::

:: lazy days and Idaho sunsets ::

:: Aunt DeeDee’s magical house :: Gentry wanted to stay for 3 weeks ::

:: Gentry sleeping with Optimus Prime every night ::

:: 2 baby quilts made and 1 on the way ::

:: supporting a friend in terrible times ::

:: considering the post baby uniform ::

:: Gentry’s love of cuddling in the morning :: i hope he never grows out of it ::

:: a fridge full of groceries :: being able to cook without gagging ::

:: jj wanting to feel the baby kick ::

Jul 10 2009

i love…

baby_46:: healthy baby girl ::

:: having enough brain power to come up with activities :: old mcdonalds farm ::

:: having a pool so near ::

:: lots of little friends to play with ::

:: swim lessons to help a little guy loose the fear of water :: finding a life jacket that floats and is esthetically pleasing ::

:: carnivals :: parades :: fairs ::

:: learning to ride a bike :: fast ::

Mar 13 2009

i love…

:: the anticipation of spring ::

:: warmth catching me off guard ::

:: moments of contentment, inspite of it all ::

:: new green life ::

:: plans for a garden ::

:: tsunami executive roll ::

:: nearly dry nights ::