essential life skills {4} blow out your hair

Um. This is an art. I mean. Wielding a round brush and a blow dryer. Can you handle it?

I LOVE my hair after it has been blown out. The body. The softness. The good smell. Clean hair day is a good day.

So here are some videos illustrating how to do it.

This one is good for longer hair and if you flip it. The stylist really has good technique for an easy style.

This is one is a two part series. You can see the other one in youtube. This girl has a ratting problem and also dumps a gallon of product on her head as she says not to use to much product. But I think before the ratting starts it is a pretty good example of short hair styling. This girl says at one point that she is from Texas. I have heard that the Texas state slogan is, “The bigger the hair, the nearer to God.”

And here is Kandee Johnson hair and makeup feed. I really like her and I follow her instructions when I cut my bangs.

2 Responses to “essential life skills {4} blow out your hair”

  • Kateka Says:

    The girl in the first video you posted had like the best looking arms ever. Her deltoids were to die for. I loved her arms, hair, shirt, everything! And I did learn a little bit more about blow-outs too (I hate that blow-outs can also refer to exploading poo out the pants).

  • Kateka Says:

    Holy cow. You should have never shown my Kanee Johnson. I’ve watched like 3 videos now! I’m obsessed.

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