i love…

baby_46:: healthy baby girl ::

:: having enough brain power to come up with activities :: old mcdonalds farm ::

:: having a pool so near ::

:: lots of little friends to play with ::

:: swim lessons to help a little guy loose the fear of water :: finding a life jacket that floats and is esthetically pleasing ::

:: carnivals :: parades :: fairs ::

:: learning to ride a bike :: fast ::

4 Responses to “i love…”

  • Michele Says:

    How exciting to add a little girl to your family!I agree that doing nothing is absolutely wonderful.

  • RubyVillain Says:

    Yay baby girl!

  • Em Says:

    How fun to have one of each!! You will love it. My oldest two are a girl and a boy. They are do different and yet best of friends.

    Congratulations on a healthy baby!

  • Aubrey Says:

    I just LOVE your “I love” posts! What a great reminder of how beautiful life’s little things are!

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