love {27}

Have you tried this baby bum ointment? It works so well and it smells like rosemary (the herb, not my neighbor). It is super thick so it really does protect a babies bum instead of wiping right onto a diaper. We used to use it on Gentry for something that I cannot remember. It doesn’t seem like he had a lot of diaper rash, but I don’t really remember. We had some left over from Gentry’s diaper era and Amelia was getting a little bit of an irritated bum. I put it on her and the irritation is gone.

Also, the royal eye jelly. It has a lovely faint smell, which is not really why I buy eye cream or creme rather. I used to buy the Clinique version, but didn’t love it. I am on my second round of this and put it on my eyes EVERYDAY. I really like it and I think it has helped combat wrinkles. I tell myself this anyway, I hope it really is working.

I wash my face with this Garden Tomato Soap, after washing off my makeup with Dr. Bonners Baby Mild soap. I do the same process as needed by the Clinque steps except I wash my make-up off first. I really like this soap and the way my complexion looks when I am using it.

The Replenishing Lipbalm smells so lovely. I keep it in my car, which is were I keep all my favorite lip treatments for easy application before heading off for my weekly romantic lunch date with JJ at Costco. It also works really well to keep my kisser ready for smooching soft baby heads and darting about little boy heads and rough guy whiskers.

And finally the Lifegaurd’s Choice. You cannot use this in public unless you are a ski teacher or swim instructor because it paints yours lips white. But on those days where my lips are weather burned, dried or just generally beaten up, I will use it at night after I put in my retainer. It is an amazingly sexy look. JJ thinks so anyway. Just ask him.

Who knew I was such a hippy? Not I until I typed this all up and realized I buy this stuff all the time.

These are the Burt’s Bees products I really love.

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  • Kateka Says:

    I use this same eye cream and the rest of their wrinkle products. I hope it is working on my wrinkles, but my skin hates it. I am breaking out more than I ever have…. hmmmm…. It doesn’t mean I love burt’s bees any less though. I’ll say it, I heart them.

  • Kateka Says:

    PS. You should probably get endorsed for this entry.

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