i love…

:: trips away with the cute boy and my cute mommie to visit Aunt DeeDee ::

:: lots of tea sampling ::

:: lazy days and Idaho sunsets ::

:: Aunt DeeDee’s magical house :: Gentry wanted to stay for 3 weeks ::

:: Gentry sleeping with Optimus Prime every night ::

:: 2 baby quilts made and 1 on the way ::

:: supporting a friend in terrible times ::

:: considering the post baby uniform ::

:: Gentry’s love of cuddling in the morning :: i hope he never grows out of it ::

:: a fridge full of groceries :: being able to cook without gagging ::

:: jj wanting to feel the baby kick ::

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  • anballs Says:

    So I know it is none of my business but for some reason I clicked on your link about your sad friend… wow, that was sad and I dont even know her. She is absolutely beautiful though. and I quite liked your pictures for the “uniform” too. I just need to remember to appreciate my husband and kids all the time, because you dont know what could happen. Thanks

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