the mommie is mightier

Conversation with Gentry while eating lunch (at 2). I am not functioning well right now.

G: I want to keep my nails long so that I can cut people and stuff.

M: I am going to trim your nails tonight.

G: I need them long to cut people. I will run away.

M: I will knock you down.

G: I will get up and run around.

M: I am going to knock you down and tackle you to the floor and make Dad cut them.

G: I am going to knock you down and cut your nails. And then I am going to knock Dad down and cut his nails and then I am going to run away. You cannot cut my nails.

M: Tonight. Your getting your nails cut and a hair cut kid.

2 Responses to “the mommie is mightier”

  • Kateka Says:

    He is so smart. He “thinks” he knows how to avoid this. Every think you say, he tries to trump. What a funny kid.

  • Aubrey Says:

    What a funny kid! I’m so glad you posted again! I’ve missed my daily laugh from you…

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