my boys

Look how cute my boys are.

We are home. We only fought once and only on the way home and it was because JJ doesn’t read my mind (the nerve).

I will write more as I took lots and lots of photos. I need to fill your little eyes with the perfect perfection that is my life and not yours. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. (stop evil laugh here).

That last part was for my sister Kateka, that is really the name we call her although not her real name. She and I don’t like reading blogs about perfect people and the same crap over and over.

Also, do you stay up at night worrying about your money or lack there of. My inner worrying alarm wakes me up pretty regularly at 3am to worry. We are fine. Seriously. But still I must worry. And it really disrupts with my hot, hot dreams about Daniel Craig. Or Hugh Jackman. Sometimes both. I wish.

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  • Sunshine Says:

    I get super bored with the blogs that are public perfection-broadcasters. Not because I think they’re big fat liars (even though most are), it’s just that they are BORING as hell. It’s all I can do not to blog every last snip of every minor argument I have with anyone. Because it’s interesting!

    I find your blog wonderfully fun to read, not because it makes your life look shitty. But because it’s real and so so different from the rest of the boring internet. xoxo.

  • Ally Says:

    We should exchange numbers so we can discuss irrational fears at 3AM. Sometimes mine include the TV down the hall spontaneously turning on and a creepy girl crawling out of the well, through the screen and crab-crawling down my hallway. Or we could talk about money, whatever.

    I have this theory that boring “we are so great, bask in our greatness” blogs are mostly written by women who are afraid to be less than perfect. I can’t imagine any of them would admit they stay skinny because their husbands tell them not to get fat OR ELSE.

    Also, I am reporting you to the officials at NaBlowMePoMoney. 😉

  • Kakes Says:

    Oh Makayla, the perfect life you lead. Aren’t you going to post your “Leavit to Beaver” 1950’s style picture on top of the blog? Oh and don’t forget to write about how the last time you and JJ fought was up in the spirit world when you were mad he had to leave you to be born. But lucky for me, Stuart and I didn’t even fight then, because he “remembers me from the pre-existance” an we NEVER fought. He told me so. That’s why I married him. He is so intune with the spirit. I am so lucky I married the perfect priesthood holder… Next to JJ… of course.

    Thanks for thinking of me in your REAL LIFE blog. 🙂 I like it.

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