Sharing is Caring

The other day, I took Gentry to Wendy’s for lunch. I did not get any food because he was getting a kids meal and he doesn’t eat a whole lot. I just waited for him to finished and sucked diet coke like it was my nectar of life. Gentry finished his tiny frosty except for one bite. I asked him if I could have the last bite and as quickly as he could he dumped it on the table and then head butted me.

The message I got was, “I will not be sharing my food with you, you evil troll. And because you have spoken to a higher being you must be punished.” So I stood up, kicked him between the pockets, and than left him there. In my mind. I wish that is what had happened, instead I laid on the mommy guilt.

A few days later he had a cookie and I asked for a bite of it. Hmm. I am spotting a trend here. When he said, “No.” I reminded him of the other day when he had not shared his frosty with me and how mean he had been. Wah ha ha. He gave in and gave me a bite. Isn’t he the best sharer you have heard of?

3 Responses to “Sharing is Caring”

  • Harried Mom Says:

    Makayla, you totally crack me up. I have similar thoughts running through my mind all the time, glad I am not alone!

  • Amy Says:

    I have sick kids and therefore am about done with patients. I took my son to my moms and told him I was going to bake him at 350 until he was cooked well done or she could take him for a while. She took him, and thank goodness for that!

  • Tazia Says:

    I remember when he did that, well gave you some cookie. I thought it was a pretty funny thing to do with his frosty though. “If I don’t want it, nobody can have it.” That was the funniest reaction to sharing.

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