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Honey Pot

1- Went to Disneyland and played with family.

2- Done two colon cleanses, 3 enemas, had a colonoscopy, other horrid exams and gotten a diagnosis on the broken pooper. Spent two complete days on liquid diets. Spent two days following loosing my lunch while sitting on the toilet. Damn vaginal child birth!

3- Got the blog up and functioning in very controlled secrecy.

4- Cleaned the bathrooms and vacummed my room.

5- Removed most of the piles of papers from my room.

6- Found the equivilant of stretchy pants in dress form. Hooray for hiding it all at church. They do look like moomoos, and I just don’t care.

7- Started working out again.

8- Went to parent teacher conference for Gentry.

9- Bought 3 cases of beans. 2 Great Northern Beans and 1 Garbonzo. Yum. Hummus.

10- Went to the Draper Temple Open House. Gentry was allergic to the cookies so we all did not partake. The Temple is decorated very nicely in a nice Art Deco theme with very muted and lovely colors. I would totally decorate with some of the same furniture, minus the extravagant chandeliers. But if I was to get married again, I would do it there. It is very lovely.

11- Gentry told us as we walked past the baptismal font that it was filled with poison.

12- Went and had Gelato to replace the cookies we could not have. Peach, Pina Colado, and Blood Orange.

13- Found some oranges that are worth eating. The citrus around Christmas was just not that good, but these oranges are downstairs singing like the flowers in Alice in Wonderland. They want eaten.

14- Can’t end on 13, bad luck. Was told by the Poop Doctor to have all the kids that I am going to so that I can get my problem fixed. Am considering becoming like Brad and Angelina. Not. But seriously. I need to get pregnant, and now I have a pretty compelling reason to do it.

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