Nov 14 2008

i love…

fall + shoe
:: eating breakfast in the morning and actually being ready for the day ::

:: eagerly preparing for a very batman birthday party ::

:: sushi dinner tomorrow night :: black magic woman roll is my favorite ::

:: new ideas ::

:: a nearly clean house :: this is so rare and worked so hard for :: just one more toilet, tub and vacuuming :: yeah ::

:: exercising again :: hopefully :: i quit for about 2 months :: guess i needed a break ::

:: nearing the end of several books ::

:: learning to prioritize ::

:: bat fondant :: this should be fun ::

:: a little boy with a dry diaper in the morning :: also un-swollen junk ::

Nov 7 2008

i love…

:: having friends over to discuss a book ::

:: searching for perfect furniture to go in my empty house ::

:: beginning to feel the holidays ::

:: little eyes filled with wonder ::

:: all by himself he has started asking for things for Christmas ::

:: how calm he stayed with the crying baby :: he patted his tummy and drew him near :: he really did so well and was trying to hard ::

:: nearing the end of some projects ::

:: having a clean downstairs and and one bedrooms carpet cleaned ::

:: maybe I can clean up my room someday ::

:: preparing for Gentry’s birthday party :: he is super excited :: and I have never thrown one before ::

Oct 18 2008

i love…

tomatoes from the garden
:: so many tomatoes I don’t know what to do with them any more ::
spaghetti sauce
:: a freezer full of homemade spaghetti sauce ::
alone in a movie theater
:: fun little outings by ourselves :: we were alone in the theater ::

:: crisp autumn days ::

:: pumpkin flavored everything :: not pie though :: just the flavor ::

:: warm sweater weather ::

:: curling up in bed and truly needing to warm up ::

:: nearing completion on batman costume ::

Oct 10 2008

i love…

brown eyes
:: this cute boy::

orange is his favorite color
:: presents from family :: we were so happy to increase the orange art products here :: were were running devastatingly low ::

:: making batman costume :: have plans for more costumes for other upcoming events ::

:: taking days off to enjoy other favorite hobbies :: jj taking days off to help at home :: playing catch up is hard though ::

:: having a clean home ::

:: breakfast for dinner :: with peanut butter :: mmmmmmmmmm, peanut butter ::

:: preparing for fall and warm fun times ::

Sep 19 2008

i love…

Gentry and I had a tough morning today. He woke up crying at 7 this morning so I went into his room to lie down with him for a little bit. I probably should have just stayed in my bed, and let him work it out on his own. Anyway, he was up early and he got exceedingly harder and harder to deal with until we were late for pre-school and he was yelling at me to bring him a treat when I picked him up. And telling me that I have a bad attitude. And yelling that I need to be nicer to him.

I was using the tactic, that I cannot hear little boys that yell at their moms. I can only hear little boys who speak nicely to their mothers. He didn’t seem to care and I was not giving in.

I guess he felt bad about being so mean to me, because his teacher came and talked to me when I picked him up. She said that he had been really quiet while he was there and during sharing time, or whatever they do, he had told her that he had been mean to his mom and that he needed to apologize to her when he saw her again. He said he had had a bad attitude and he was going to be nicer to her.

I was shocked. To say the least.

He has been much nicer since our break from each other today. So to start with today, I love…

:: preschool ::

:: when my little boy sees that he needs to apologize and be nicer ::

:: playing with the little guy during the day ::
:: the build up to Halloween ::

:: peanut butter :: Could peanut butter be the test I was sent to Earth to face? ::

:: fun new discoveries ::

Sep 12 2008

friends with benefits.

Instead of :: i love friday :: I am going to introduce you all to some blogs that I have recently fallen in love with and that I find refreshingly honest and true to life.

:: Little Red Pen :: is written by the wife of one of jj’s old co-workers. I totally blog stalked her forever and than recently came out of hiding. She and I did the tradeshow (I totally just typed tradeho, and find that some how fitting) circuit together. I love her take on life and her perspective on well, everything. Also, she is gorgeous and is obsessed with the color her hair cannot be. I love this about her. ::

:: Inner beauty is overrated… :: I do not recall how I came across her blog, it could possibly be that she commented on Seriously So Blessed. But I loved her as soon as I saw she was linked here and she says the things I think, but am far to chicken to say. Except to jj, really quietly, at night when the lights are off. ::

:: Loobylu :: quit blogging over a year ago and I was so sad. She recently started up again and I love her, like a long lost lover. She lives in Australia and her seasons are the opposite of mine. Right now she is heading into spring and I am heading into hell. Also, she has the cutest illustration and dollmaking skills. I pretty much wish I was her. I wonder if she is obsessed with Lost like I am? ::

Sep 5 2008

i love…

:: wanting some of these sweet dulce brownies ::

:: my accountant laughing at my dumb jokes and being the bad guy when needed so I don’t have to ::

:: this book ::

:: friends and family taking care of things at home so I can leave home with JJ ::

:: cute old Titanic-esque hotels ::

:: crazy rockstar parties ::

:: several other things I will talk about later when I don’t have to blog from my phone ::

Aug 1 2008

i love…

:: cute little pinatas ::

:: saving tons of money on groceries ::

:: simple beauty ::

:: galactic activity ::

:: lots of little tomatoes waiting to turn red in the sun ::

:: eating from my garden ::

:: teaching gentry to conserve ::

:: preschool about to start ::

:: lots of work plans ::

:: the prospects of the future ::

Jul 18 2008

i love…

huge moth
:: miracles ::

:: friends ::

:: Cold Stone Creamery :: cake base ice cream with reese’s peanut butter cups :: peanut butter :: and caramel or fudge, I cannot remember :: this is heavenly, if you are not allergic :: if you are allergic, than go suck a blueberry ::

:: rediscovering hot rollers :: they take the kinks out :: well, they hide them anyway ::

:: sweet sincerity ::

:: The Office ::

:: realizing somethings must change ::

:: moop ::

Jul 11 2008

i love…

:: these guys ::
d + g
:: these friends ::
:: a new ceiling fan in my room :: the gentle constant breeze ::

:: diet coke ::

:: direct honesty :: as opposed to a bunch of fluffy crap that you have to call up the Holmes to figure out ::

:: simplicity ::

:: getting things in order and working towards goals ::

:: Jari Love ::

:: lazy summer afternoons at the pool ::