holy cow

20 days.

The energy has worn out. I am so tired and there is nothing to do. Which, being translated, means there is nothing I want to do.

Wee man and I have been coloring and cutting out super heroes and villains all day. I tore myself away from that to go to the library. Even with what feels like an extra hour in the day, I feeling so tired and getting nothing new done.

The to-do list has not changed to much and I am quickly running out of clothes that fit. My new favorites are a pair of jj’s pajama pants. Big and comfy. I can’t imagine even when I loose 8 pounds of baby, that I will want to wear anything but big comfy pants.

However, the bassinet is set up in my room. Wee man and I practice wrapping babies in blankets. A friend gave us a few infant diapers, and I told Wee Man they were for him. He looked at them and looked at me like I am crazy. We held it up to him to see if it would fit. Nope. They are so tiny though. I cannot imagine that any butt will ever fit in those things. They are so small.

Also, we bought the Ultimate Malem and it is working. Like we have had 4 dry nights since it arrived, 3 in a row. It scares Wee Man pretty bad and he cries every time it goes off, but can you believe it is working. Also we have been going in and waking him up around midnight (which never worked before) and than he sleeps until about 7-9 without wetting. I am so proud. We are going to keep it up until we are sure he can go the night without and accident, but seriously. This is a gift from the Gods. I hope to be buying diapers for only one child. But we are going on 5 years of diaper buying. The earth thanks us.

And that was all a bunch of random nothingness with no point.

20 days.

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  • Aubrey Says:

    You can make it! You’re SO close! Hang in there!

  • lorijacobson Says:

    I concure. Energy boost is gone. Grouchy boost? Going strong. I may have to do that bed wetting thing at our house. Good luck!!! I’m having lots of sympathy pains for you!

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