We went to a family get together for my father’s side of the family on Sunday. JJ willingly came along. This is what he does for me, he supports all my decisions. Be they hair-brained or not.

He has been so patient through the pregnancy. He gave up sleeping in our bed a while ago, and has been on the couch. Not that we don’t like each other, we do. But that I struggle to sleep lately and toss and turn all night. Along with the 95 bathroom breaks and the toilet training through the night of the wee man, it leads to me watching lots of Hulu and just being up in general. He sleeps better on the couch and I just don’t sleep, but he lets me have the bed anyway.

This year has been a tough one. There has been lots of impatience on my part as I struggle through the pregnancy and the realization that my body is aging and changing. He has done nothing but try to make things good for me and the wee man. He has lightened my load and made me feel better about myself.

He has incredible inner strength and courage. He is quiet. But he has quietly made me a better wife and mother. He is the strength I need when I have none left.

He is well loved. By me and by all those who really know him. Including Spiderman and one-armed lego man.

love you babe

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