under my bed

The nesting has hit. I am cleaning EVERYWHERE.

Because I know you are curious, here is what I found under my bed. Egads!

1. half a toy barn
2. three craft supply bins
3. 1 aerobic step
4. 8 pound weights
5. 5 pound weights
6. 2 pound weights
7. weighted exercise jump rope
8. yellow exercise band
9. smaller purple exercise band
10. small red snack cup
11. paper cut by Gentry
12. one receipt for 2 shirts for Gentry at Kohl’s
13. two Kleenexes
14. one toilet paper roll
15. orange easter egg
16. bags of beads for making candy corn necklaces
17. the book of mormon
18. red pipe cleaner
19. clear snack cup
20. elmo’s world toy camera
21. a receipt to SmileWide Dental Care (we heart dr. thornell)
22. two tinker toys
23. a paper camel
24. plant life stencil
25. hippo card
26. legos
27. a ticket to The Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island
28. a bin with throw blankets
29. a paper stamped by Gentry
30. one tiny blue pompom
31. an old navy tag
32. more paper cut by Gentry
33. a sticky note sketched on by JJ
34. a movie ticket to ponyo
35. more tissues and a couple cotton balls
36. readers digest
37. a tiny hair clippy
38. all the photos from my college class photo 1010
39. a paper cow
40. two child safety outlet covers
41. a penny and a quarter
42. a whole lot of fuzz

Holy cow! I guess it is not as bad as I thought. A little revealing though.

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  • Annie Says:

    Too funny.

    The only things I have under my bed are sleeping bags.

    and a crate of little boy clothes.

    What does that say about me?

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