Yesterday I was mad because my body has to be sliced and diced to get babies here and for me to be able to recover. I am still kind of mad. And I don’t want any of you to take this personally, but I get really mad when people have perfect pregnancies, deliver with minimal pain, have no ripping and than have a huge swooning of love for their baby. Probably because this is not how it happens for me, and I hate that it could be that way. I hate the way things have transpired for me, and I keep thinking, “If only…”

So today in honor of taking my mind somewhere else, I give you other peoples videos of Disneyland vacations.

I am already planning the next vacation. I am thinking next March. Anyone want to come and meet us there?

Videos here, here, and here.

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  • Katrina Says:

    You are going to have a different experience with this baby. I really think an anticipated c-section is going to be much easier to recover from and deal with than the unexpected experience you had with Gentry.

    Even though I don’t have the same labor experience, the second was soooooo much easier to recover from than the first. Don’t fret.

    And I want to go to Disneyland too.

  • Aubrey Says:

    I agree with Katrina. Now, no more hate thoughts. Focus only positive energy onto the belief that this one will be different. That little girl needs to bond with you-there is no better time to start than now! Think happy thoughts NOW! Let the painful past experiences go so you can move on to what’s in store. It WILL be better!

  • RubyVillain Says:

    I still feel kind of bitter/ annoyed when people talk about how perfectly everything went for them. My favorites (shudder) are things like this, “I didn’t tear AT ALL! And 4 hours after delivery, I ran a 5k down the hall of the hospital!” or “Breast feeding came so naturally, he/she latched perfectly .7 seconds after emerging from the womb and is gaining a pound a day!” or “Breast feeding makes the weight *melt right off!* After only 2 nursing sessions, I am back down to the birth weight…of the baby!”

    *this phrase causes an automatic punching reaction to whoever or whatever is in front of me when the phrase is uttered.

  • RubyVillain Says:

    Haha, I just re-read my comment and it sounds totally bitter and angry. I meant it more as a joke more than anything. I actually think about Benjamin’s birth all the time. It has been the biggest day of my life and days like that aren’t forgotten easily. Whenever I drive past the hospital, my stomach gets all tight with nostalgia. It’s an amazing process, complete with bad days and good, and despite the bad, I’ve loved all of it. This time will be good for you!

  • stillblinking Says:

    Sarah I didn’t think anything of your comment. It did make me realize that we all have hard times with different things. So even though I lost the weight fast, I never really recovered, even though I looked fine. And of course in my mind, I think I would rather be in your situation than in mine. But you probably think the same of others. It is hard to know when you are not in another persons place.

  • Annie Says:


    yes, please.

  • mechams Says:

    I love to read your blog and them favorites i like most is dose ones where you says the things you love and now this is the complete opposite. It might be the pregnancy talkin but i have been struggling with your “if only” statement. I dont know what it is but self pity doesnt look as good on you as it does on me…. LMAO! any how, Jaime and I hope things get better for you. Love da mechams.. been watching too much afternoon tv… its been effectin my typin

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