essential life skills {5} gardening

I have written about gardening before. I LOVE it.

But seriously. If you are not doing it, you need to.

What amazes me is that you can create something from a tiny little seed and then you can feed your family with it. And you are feeding your family organic magic food. And possibly if your kid is a picky eater, he may start eating the stuff he picks off plants himself. Plants that he put in the ground and helped water and watched you lovingly sing AC/DC songs too.

Here are two books I am using for gardening advice.

Grow Great Grub

Square Foot Gardening

The photo above is from all the transplants I have not yet planted in my garden. They were hanging out on my dining room table for several weeks.

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  • flippen88 Says:

    I am beginning to love it too. It is my happy thought lately to get me through work to think of going outside and weeding the front yard and making it look nice. I love it. I can’t wait to start growing flowers there.

  • Kateka Says:

    That is a picture you took? It looks like a jungle set from a movie.

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