essential life skills {1} procrastination (i mean getting things done)

Oh look, I am only 4 days behind here. Good thing I set this goal.

So I thought this would be a good change of pace. You know life skills. I am realizing how I really lack in this area. I get nothing done ever. Like I feel like things are never accomplished around here.

Do you all have ideas how to do stuff? Cause I certainly don’t.

Here is what I have found works for me though:

{routine} like serious amounts of it. Monday I do laundry. Tuesday I go to the library. Wednesday I sit around and wonder what to do all day. Oh and plan the groceries for the week. Thursday go to Costco to get lunch with JJ and go grocery shopping. Friday. Um. Nothing. Saturday. Crazy busy and yard work. Sunday. Church.

{small goals and rewards} Like I will fold all the laundry today and if I do I get a piece of chocolate. Or when the bathroom is clean than you can sit and check blogs.

{think about running away from home} this really does nothing for the cause of getting things done.

{make a list} I write down what I need to get done every(ish)day. Sometimes I cross off nothing. Sometimes things stay on my lists for months. But sometimes I get things done. And I love looking at what I have been able to do all day. Even if the house shows no amount of progress, my list usually does.

2 Responses to “essential life skills {1} procrastination (i mean getting things done)”

  • Kateka Says:

    But how do you limit yourself to ONE piece of chocolate and not the whole bag??? That’s my problem.

  • Em Says:

    I have the same problem. I always think things will be better if make a list, but then I just can’t stand it when I don’t cross off anything off the list. Which leads to me not making any more lists.

    it’s a vicious cycle.

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