love {28}

Other things I love that I don’t want to write a post about:

:: dave ramsey ::

:: ksl classified ads ::

:: being close to buying a piano ::

:: my bulbs starting to bloom ::

:: garlic in my garden starting to poke their little heads out ::

:: lunch with friends ::

:: sweet baby laughs and coos ::

:: long naps ::

:: making headway in getting the house clean, except for the massive amount of my hair that is every where ::

:: warm socks ::

:: clean laundry ::

:: starting to make dinner again ::

:: looking at my cousin Katrina and her cute kids ::

:: gentry wants to marry amelia when they grow up ::

:: ainsley is going to marry her brother corbin ::

:: star wars legos ::

:: strength from those around me ::

2 Responses to “love {28}”

  • wmcbride Says:

    I have loved reading these, we are big Dave Ramsey fans too! We are unfortunately trying to take his advise and pay the house off- not fun, not fun at all.

  • emb36 Says:

    Did you know your blog is one of my faves? It is. I like the honesty. It makes me feel like we are old friends. Maybe it’s because we are both sleep deprived new mommas. And you make me laugh. Thanks 🙂

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