love {26}

I love my siblings. It has been a long time coming. We didn’t like each other much while we were all teenagers together. I looked through my pictures for photos of my siblings and I all together. I have none. But I have a whole bunch of JJ’s family. What the heck? I spend a lot more time with my family, but get the camera when we are with JJ’s.

Anyway. There is a special bond with siblings. Like you can hate each other one day and be fine a few days later. We all have different opinions about certain things and it is fine. We are all in different stages of life and pursing different dreams and it just doesn’t matter.

Tazia and Travis used to come and visit me when I was just married and still going to school. Kateka was one of my best friends in college when she started a few years after we did. In fact, we took several work out classes together and made complete fools of ourselves when we would sit on the side of the pool during swim class and whine rather than get in the pool. Tazia used to come to all my classes with me and sit in the computer lab while I worked for a week during her spring break. Travis would also come to my classes and once in a while took quizzes for me in my C++ class, that was much appreciated as I still have no idea what C++ is.

It is fun to see how we are all becoming well adjusted adults with our own strengths and goodness.

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  • Kateka Says:

    Ha, ha. We were so ridiculous in that class. Good times.

    I’ve thought before how different we all are. It’s lame but one time I thought, ‘We all come from the same manufacturer but are totally different models.’

    Love you too, Makayla!

  • flippen88 Says:

    I love you too. I love that I have awesome older siblings. When we were scared about having to put Ernie down, you, Kateka, and Travis all came to see us. None of AJ’s family came to see us. I love that when I really need all of you and your support you are right there for me, it means a lot to me.

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