love {23}

I love the Disney Fairies. Like I cannot express how much I like them. I never got into the Disney Princesses, but these ladies are fabulous. They are all about making things and the changing of seasons. They take care of light, and plants, and animals. We kind of have the same jobs.

I have a set of the dolls and Gentry has a set. He likes them because they have boobs. He likes WonderWoman for the same reason. Gentry doesn’t get to play with my set, because he has broken the wings off of most of his. My set isn’t complete and everytime we go to Target we check to see if they have some that we don’t.

They live at Pixie Hollow.

Which is part of Neverland.

They still take part in the Peter Pan story. And they visit the mainland to change the seasons.

This is Silvermist. She is a Water-Talent Fairy.

Iridessa is a light-talent fairy.

Tinkerbell makes things so the other fairies can do their jobs.

Rosetta is a plant-talent fairy.

I love the music and animation they have used to create these characters. It is so light and airy and glowy. I just love the feeling they create. Have you been to Pixie Hollow at Disneyland or Disneyworld? I loves it.

Fawn is an animal-talent fairy and the one I most feel like. However, I am not much of an animal lover. I think it is her woodsy look.

I wish my bum glowed in the dark. Oh wait. It does.

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  • flippen88 Says:

    I’ve decided that Silvermist is my favorite. I love this movie, thanks for giving it to me.

  • Kateka Says:

    Ha, ha, ha. I think I got this movie for you guys for Christmas. I need to sit down and watch it with your boy. I bet I’d like it.

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